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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Memristics: Memristors, again? – Part II

How to transform wired ‘translations’ between crossbars into interactions?



The idea behind this patchwork of conceptual interventions is to show the possibility of a “buffer-free” modeling of the crossbar architecture for memristive systems on the base of a purely difference-theoretical approach.

It is considered that on a nano-electronic level, principles of interpretation appears as mechanisms of complementarity.

The most basic conceptual approach to such a complementarity is introduced as an interchangeability of operators and operands of an operation.

Therefore, the architecture of crossbars gets an interpretation as complementarity between crossbar functionality and “buffering” translation functionality. That is, the same matter functions as operator and at once as operand – and vice versa.

Hence, the construction of an additional devise for translations between crossbars is conceptionally an inheritance of the old paradigm of (mirco)electronic computation, and probably or hopefully, superfluous.

The exercise is concertized by a an example of the cnceptual architecture of a multi-crossbar arithmetic processor in the sense of Blaise Laurent Mouttet’s patent.

Nevertheless, a new challenge arises, how to realize on a nano-technological level functional interchangeability of any complexity and complication?



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