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This complementary Blog to the Chinese Challenge Blog is presenting studies to a mathematical theory of Diamonds. Diamond theory is studying for the first time, tabular categories as an interaction of categories and saltatories.

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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Diamond Disremption

Diamond interpretation of the kenomic succession operation

Diamond interpretation of kenomic succession.

Kenomic disremption and equality in contrast to semiotic, category and diamond theory.
Diamondization of the concept of explanation and hermeneutic circles. Complementary commutativity.

In contrast to the successor operation in word algebras, the operation of disremption, with its two aspects of iteration and accretion, is always defined by the simultaneity of a retro-grade and a progression action.

Disremption in kenogrammatics seems to be an operation which is defined by a simultaneous interplay of retro-grade and progressive interactions.
If we take this double-movement of the kenogrammatic succession into account a reasonable formalization of it might be given by the diamond approach.

Again, what’s the profit? 

The existing paradigms are working! We have found water on mars! There is nothing wrong with our universal approach to natural numbers! Children, Robots and Aliens are doing it!

If it is correct that the main part of the introduction mechanism for natural numbers is depending on a mental representation in the understanding by a mathematician and not on a scriptural notation in a textual space, i.e. on inscription, then there is no hope to create Artificial Intelligence capable of doing arithmetic as arithmetic and not of doing arithmetic as physical manipulations on informatical objects depending on the mental decisions of mathematicians or programmers.


Generalized Diamonds

From monosemic to tectonic complementarity


The construction of diamonds can be generalized towards polysemic and metamorphic interactions between categories and saltatories.

After having developed some insights and experiences with the diamond approach and its complementary structures, a design of diamond category theory might be introduced which is not as close to the introductory analogy to classic category theory. Following the classic strategy of academic research a generalization of the introduced concepts of diamond category theory shall be sketched.