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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Graphematics of Conflicts

Since my studies of memristics in the framework of trans-classical logic, I developed a new concept of cellular automata, and discovered an interesting application of morphogrammatic-based cellular automata for an interpretation of the pragmatical aspects of Chinese characters.
With this post, I would like to introduce an application of novel distinctions to a theory of conflict management. And an application to a theory of propaganda analysis is proposed.

"Inconsistency robustness is information system performance in the face of continually pervasive inconsistencies–- a shift from the previously dominant paradigms of inconsistency denial and inconsistency elimination attempting to sweep them under the rug.” (Carl Hewitt)

The role of contradictions and gaps in the analysis of propaganda and databases

Some preliminary thoughts and notes about conflict-theory and the strategies of propaganda in politics and science are developed in the framework of graphematics.

This is not yet taking into account the complementary diamond aspects of conflicts.

Orwell’s characterization of propaganda: Newspeak, Doublethink and Memory-loss as a defence of truth are modeled by the features of graphematic calculi as new operative tools of propaganda analysis and deconstruction.

Traditionally, a theory of propaganda is covered by the techniques of rhetorics of speech-acts. Graphematics proposes elements of a deconstruction of propaganda beyond the level of rhetorics.

On one side we have the propaganda analysis of George Orwell based on a defence of truth, on the other side the self-reflections of the propagandist Joseph Goebbels about the rationality of propaganda as being neutral to the categories of truth and false. 

An application of graphematic distinctions to the definition of conflicts in databases is taken as a contrast to explain and demonstrate the functioning of graphematic approaches to conflicts and contradictions, like Boolean, Mersennian, Brownian and Stirlingian.



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