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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Interpretations of the kenomic matrix

Exercises to the topics of Poly-Change


Examples for the exercises, § 5.2, of the recent article “Poly-Change” are given, concerning the logical, computational and semiotic interpretation of the kenomic matrix.

4.1.4 What is the practical use of that fuss?

If there is any practical use for triadic-trichotomic semiotics, as Toth and others demonstrated in extenso, any extension of triadicity might open up some more complexity to deal with real-world matters in an operative and not reducing manner.

In sociology, cultural theory, international law, legitimations for torture and killing innocent people for good and accepted reasons, we encounter, in short, only two structural models of reasoning and acting. One is reducing complexity of what ever domain to a binary and dichotomic pattern. The other extreme is dissolving complexity into a multitude of autonomous isolated and and not-mediated dichotomous systems.

The first has the advantage of maximal operativity in technological and juridical systems, supporting nearly fully-automated surveillance systems and killing procedures.
The second is hopelessly non-operative and still based on humanistic propaganda for a better world – and even for Change.

"The genius of Michelangelo is like the genius of the Talmud, with several layers of meaning, one on top of another. So you can interpret it in terms of Christianity and Judaism, sociologically, historically and artistically. We are just adding one level that has either been ignored or covered up over the centuries.” Cathryn Drake, Did Michelangelo Have a Hidden Agenda? 

"For the third millennium, the struggle against semantic disorder and perversions of the intellect should supersede, precede and be sustained in all cultures, religions, systems of thought and political systems whenever there is a historical necessity to initiate a war of liberation from oppression, domination and exclusion.”

Mohammed Arkoun, ISLAM: To Reform or to Subvert?, The rule of law and civil society in Muslim context, Beyond Dualist Thinking, 2006, p. 381

Hence, the academic question still remains: 

Wouldn’t it be worth to support a development of a cultural paradigm in which pluriversity and operativity could co-operate together?



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