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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Sketch on semiotics in diamonds

Embedding semiotics into anchored diamonds

Semiotics are embedded into diamonds in a double way. Semiotics gets a internal environment as its neighbor semiotics and an external environment by its anchors. Embedding semiotics is a process of concretization of the abstract concept of Peircean semiotics.

Peirce' trichotomics is based on his metaphysical intuition, nurtured by his studies of Kant and Hegel, and is not a product of a general generation scheme with steps from 1 to 3 as it is echoed in the semiotic literature since decades.

Such a general generation scheme wouldn't have a built-in stop function, it could go on to arbitrary magnitudes. Only for a reconstructional and didactic interest a start with 1 and an end with 3 makes sense.

“Creation thus means “that Firstness (repertory of ‘possible’ cases) must be given, so that Secondness (the ‘real’ case) in the sense of singular, concrete and innovative givenness is selectable in dependency of also given Thirdness (determining law or necessity)”
(Bense and Walther 1973, p. 127)." (Toth, In Transit, p. 49)

Intuition of trichotomy
From the point of view of the primary trichotomic intuition and its realization, monadic and dyadic relations occur as reductions of the trichotomic intuition and its realization as a triadic relation.

In a diamond theoretical and polycontextural approach to an embeddement of semiotics, nothing is given. The giveness of the semiotic categories, firstness, secondness and thirdness, are a result of a speculative decision for a trichotomic paradigm of thinking and corresponding world model, initiated scientifically bei Peirce.

Semiotics in polycontextural diamond constellations are towfold embedded
1. by their neighbor-semiotics and
2. by their diamond environments.
Obviously, semiotics and diamond environments are equiprimordial (gleichursprünglich).
In a further step of concretization, the construction gets its localization as a
3. embedmend by its place-designators of the kenomic anchors.



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