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This complementary Blog to the Chinese Challenge Blog is presenting studies to a mathematical theory of Diamonds. Diamond theory is studying for the first time, tabular categories as an interaction of categories and saltatories.

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Monday, July 2, 2007

How to compose?

As a chapter from The Book of Diamonds
the following is presenting a nice journey from categorical composition, to the proemial and chiastic understanding of composition of morphisms, finally, to the diamond approach to any kind of composition.

Have a look at the PDF
: How to Compose?

and to Chinese Ontology, An Aperçu

But first, listen to CHIASM

How to compose?

1 Categorical composition of morphisms

2 Proemiality of composition

3 Chiasm of composition

3.1 Proemiality pure

3.2 Proemiality with acceptional systems

4 Diamond of composition

5 Applications

5.1 Foundational Questions

5.2 Diamond class structure

5.3 Communicational application

5.4 Diamond of system/environment structures

5.5 Logification of diamonds

5.6 Arithmetification of diamonds

5.7 Graphematics of Chinese characters

5.8 Heideggers crossing as a rejectional gesture


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